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December 28 2014

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Ads ...

Ok, so we got a bit of feedback for the recent ad enhanced (snicker) version of Soup, and it's both unsurprising and intriguing.
Placement of the static ad on the storefront pages (/everyone, /friends etc) - a no-no. Not because of 'eek, ads' but because of it's bad visual effect on the page. That's an obvious "told you so" for some of us, and I removed the placement today (although a small bug remains that prohibits from resizing the window to narrow).
What I wouldn't have thought: several users recommended putting the ads in the stream instead. That's an AdBlock+ policy no-go, but I severely doubt that they'd have exempted the skyscraper ads anyway. There's more research needed on which ads allow such a presentation, but it's a distinct possibility that we try this.
There've also been several demands to be able to donate. Two things: there are no donation buttons with a relevant reach (read: paypal, amazon) that allow for donation to companies. A concept that I find dubious anyway. I'm pretty sure only the smallest minority here would work for donations. Which leads me to the second point: I'd much rather have an insert-coin feature for Soup that let's you buy the product and service we provide. And for those that don't want to bother supporting, there should be an appropriate, Soup-y "native" ad product.
We're working on both of these things, but in the meanwhile, we need to pay our bills, and that's why the banner ad topic is not going away completely - for now.
In the meanwhile, we do read and consider every reaction to @kitchen and @testkitchen, comments on twitter, and mails to team@soup.io. Nothing is set in stone, and we do appreciate your feedback greatly.
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December 25 2014

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